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A lifetime of social inequality

The Bridge Group has developed an up-to-date summary of social inequality across the life course which is easy to explore via the links below. This will help you to understand the barriers to social mobility and the nature of the problem we are trying to solve. You can read a quick overview of why social equality matters here

Early years


Children from low socio-economic status families perform 11 months behind their peers from middle-income families in terms of their readiness for school at age 5.

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School years


Educational inequality is persistent and widespread. Pupils’ attainment is closely associated with their parents’ class background and is a factor of where they happen to live.

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Further Education


Successive governments have invested heavily in graduates and have largely overlooked the importance of vocational routes for social equality.

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Higher Education


The higher education sector has made progress in widening participation, but inequalities persist relating to age, class, ethnicity and place.

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Working Life


The practices of employers can reinforce and perpetuate educational and social inequalities.

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